you might be a lesbian if...

* Did you kiss a girl & like it?
* Do you think you're attracted to girls?
* Do you want to give yourself to a girl?
* Do you want or have a girlfriend?
* Does one girl give you butterflies?

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We're definitely lesbians.

We're Jeri (Colorado's finest lesbian) and Carrie (London's finest lesbian). We met a lonnnnng time ago and now we're Best Friends Forever.


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1/∞ Queer Reads - Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

That’s it. That’s the rec.

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I think this is the best version.

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I just love this so much.

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Happiness comes naturally when she’s by my side.

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when i’m a rich+famous director i’m making a romeo and juliet movie where all the kids are gay girls. romeo? gay girl. juliet? gay girl. tybalt? angry protective gay girl. benvolio? small and soft gay girl. mercutio? the gayest girl to ever grace contemporary cinema 

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Ellen Page at the MTV Movie Awards, 13 April 2014.

Ellen Page at the MTV Movie Awards, 13 April 2014.

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