you might be a lesbian if...

* Did you kiss a girl & like it?
* Do you think you're attracted to girls?
* Do you want to give yourself to a girl?
* Do you want or have a girlfriend?
* Does one girl give you butterflies?

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We're definitely lesbians.

We're Jeri (Colorado's finest lesbian) and Carrie (London's finest lesbian). We met a lonnnnng time ago and now we're Best Friends Forever.

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Do you ever just think to yourself, thank god I’m a lesbian?

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*sobs uncontrollably* Debbie Beveridge, mum of the year [x]

omg this makes me tear up just looking at it again 


do u understand how much this means

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could be gayer
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Hey! I don’t know if this is relevant or if it’s ok to submit this, but this is a wee video of me singing Summer in the City by Regina Spektor. My girlfriend and me have been going out for almost 3 years and are at uni together, but during the summer I live in a city over 80 miles away from her and I’m missing her like crazy. Thought this was quite an appropriate song. Thanks :)  



pls mom don’t hate me

Please mom please dont hate me.