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* Do you think you're attracted to girls?
* Do you want to give yourself to a girl?
* Do you want or have a girlfriend?
* Does one girl give you butterflies?

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
So, I'm 17, and I've always been immature for my age, on some levels. Partly because I was a preemie, and partly from problems when I was younger, so I'm just growing up slower than everyone else. I feel like I should be a freshman or sophmore, but I'm not. I know this girl, that's 13, going into 8th grade. We like each other, and have kissed, but the age difference makes things complicated. There's no sex or intentions of having sex, and I’ve talked to my school health teacher and nothing about it’s illegal. I really like her, and she feels the same way about me. She’s more mature for her age, too, and we have a LOT of interests and things in common. Most of my friends are okay with it, and her dad is. My mom thinks it’s a little weird. But I keep going back and forth on it, because I really like her, but I feel guilty about liking someone younger, even though I can’t help it. I might have asked her out by now if she was my age. What do you think I should do overall?
youmightbealesbianif youmightbealesbianif Said:

Hey Anon. 

Thank you for your thought-provoking question.
It must be a difficult situation to be in but I’m 100% sure that there are very very very many other girls and boys in your position.

Firstly, what sucks is that the whole dating and age thing is only complicated in your teen years. As soon as you’re both adults, it won’t matter. (But that doesn’t help you right now). That said, I’m 24 (omgggg I’m SO OLD) and recently, I dated this girl who was only 19 and even though we’re both legit adults, I still felt massively creepy. My friends thought I was being silly, well except Jeri (<3), who laughed at me for dating a teenager. Needless to say, it didn’t work out. But then like, when I was 15, I dated a 24 year old like there was nothing odd about that sooooo yeh. I don’t know what my point was? WHO EVEN AM I? I think my point was that age shouldn’t matter but it does?

Secondly, I think it’s so great that you’ve talked about this with your school health teacher. Like, for real.

You’ve discussed what’s going on with a proper grown up who has give you advice on the legality of the situation. There is nothing illegal about this. So that’s good to know.

  •         Based on that advice, you could ask your girl out, as long as things stay  platonic-ish.. and there’d be like.. zero problem with you two being together  because, technically, without sex, your relationship is just an intense  friendships with snuggles and kisses. As long as you’re STRICTLY boundaried about the sex side of things, it’s pretty much ok.

For some reason, however, I am unable to tell you to JUST GO WITH IT (Jennifer Aniston <33333) JUST GO FOR IT, just ask her out. Even though.. you straight up sound like the sweetest little thing and you know she likes you too. I don’t know. Ugh.

LIKE, if we were living in Ancient Greece, during the time in history when there was a thing called Pederasty (where adult males courted adolescent boys and it was like, a socially acknowledged relaysh) I’d have been like, “yeh babe, you date that 13 year old.” But times have changed and older people do horrible things to younger people and even not so older people do horrible things to younger people soooo yeh, it’s tricky.

Because, eventually, you’ll both want to have sex.
They’ll be hormones and feelings and Katy Perry song lyrics (“let’s go all the way tonight, no regrets just love” etc.)
Sex is ultimately pretty much inevitable, however much it’s not on the cards at the moment.
You might think that for right now it won’t happen, maybe you won’t have sex til like, you’re 19 and she’s 15 but then they’ll always be a legal issue. *rolls eyes*

And. The thing is.. you’re 17.

And she’s 13.

Despite how immature you are for your age and regardless of her level of maturity.. she’s still 13 and you’ve been through like.. 3 and a half more years of growing up and developing and stuffff than she has.. and a lot of formative shit goes down during those years between 13 and 17.

It’s definitely a good thing that you two have things in common and are able to communicate with e/o and stuff. That’s really important.

But, in my mind, I keep coming back to ‘she’s 13’.

I’m a teacher so I know Year 9/8th grade girls. They think they are mature and worldly, but underneath it all, they’re still just little girls. 

Obviously, I can’t tell you what to do. This is your life. You’ve gotta do what makes you happy, to an extent, and maybe what makes you happy will mean telling society to fuck itself and its judgement. Perhaps the best advice I can give you is that you girls carry on hanging out, with out putting a label on what you are and just see what goes down over time?

 I wish you all the happiness in the world.

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